Need Some Help With Your Current Geospatial Project?

Great! You Found Us. Location Matters.

Geographic Technology & Resource Systems LLC (GTRSystems) combines GIS expertise with proven geospatial data services to provide short and long-term project support for organizations wanting to leverage location and geographic intelligence.

We offer comprehensive geospatial support services to companies that have a need to create, analyze and deploy high quality data products in an agile environment where quality and cost are key discriminators.

Our on-demand support service is directed at companies in need of specific skill sets to augment available personnel during critical and ongoing geospatial projects. Whether for short-term project coverage while you hire staff or long-term engagements as a project partner our unique, cost effective model eliminates the challenges associated with subcontracting.

We provide integrated resources you can draw on when you want to and for as long as you need to.

How We Do What We Do

It all starts with us listening to and understanding your organizations needs. Regardless of project scope or scale we work as a partner to provide the best geospatial information, analysis and data production services possible. From engagement through implementation, you can be confident that proven geospatial knowledge, methodologies, and expertise are being employed.

Geospatial Data Creation

If your business leverages any kind of analysis and is impacted by location, nothing is more important to you than data. But what if you don’t have the data you need today? We have over 25 years of spatial data production experience with a keen understanding of detail, accuracy, coordinate systems, scanning, R2V, feature collection and edit, data storage formats and quality assurance. We’re acutely aware of your need to have things delivered on schedule and within budget and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Over the years our team members have supported large government agencies that include FEMA, NGA, USGS and NRCS as well as many private companies all engaged in exploiting geospatial data.

Feature Revision

Things change all the time and that includes features on the ground. Infrastructure assets, building footprints, property lines, hydrography, demographics, crime statistics and socio-economic indicators change constantly relative to their geography on the earth. Our analysts are skilled at quickly discovering, assessing and updating those changes keeping your geospatial data up to date. Whether you need to revise your base maps, edit hydro geometries, update structures or incorporate new demographic data into your spatial framework keeping that data current saves time, money and even lives.

Utilizing a range of imagery and sensor sources our experts can quickly and correctly update vector geometries and feature attributes to reflect what is on the ground now, not what was there weeks, months or even years ago.

Quality Assurance

Quality is directly proportional to the value of your data but how do you measure and manage its intangible properties like completeness and consistency? We work with you guaranteeing our products and services adhere strictly to your quality standards. Every step in our process has corresponding quality metrics and guidelines used to facilitate accurate collection, revision and analysis of geospatial data. We leverage the inherent quality control mechanisms in our software, create and utilize additional error trapping and reporting processing layers and leverage best practices from ISO compliant quality standards and initiatives.

Regardless of the scope and scale of your project, delivering quality service throughout is our biggest priority. Comprehensive quality systems oversee on time, first time right deliveries…every time.


All data has value, strengths and weaknesses. Your data when merged with existing public, private or newly created information is powerful.  Our team understands the challenges that arise when bringing often diverse and disparate data types together. Factors that need be considered and fully understood allowing users to maximize data usefulness include format, unique attributes, metadata, structure, quality and schema. We have the requisite skills needed to prospect for, discover, acquire and integrate a wide range of information from public and private data stores. Once identified we create, collect, validate and integrate those features into your data holdings. The net result is more comprehensive, intelligent and valuable information in a unified data system.

Geospatial Analysis

Traditional big data analytics don’t provide the full perspective or complete picture needed to solve complex problems. Understanding the data in the context of place can shed new light on old problems.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial analysis provide a diverse set of tools that better visualize spatial and non-spatial data and can expose as yet unseen factors. Our team consists of geographers, geospatial engineers, scientists and demographers who can leverage and exploit geospatial technologies using available commercial and proprietary technologies.

Cartographic Services

Cartography is as much art as it is science. The formal definition of cartography is the production of maps, including construction of projections, design, compilation, drafting, and reproduction. We work closely with you to understand exactly the message you want to convey and then craft maps and cartographic materials that effectively present that information. We balance GIS precision with industry leading graphics programs to produce geospatial products. Outputs can include hardcopy maps, geospatial data files, story maps, visualizations and reports all designed to deliver geographic insight, locational awareness and maximum impact.  

Engagement Built With You In Mind

GTRSystems offers traditional geospatial services but we’ve created a new delivery approach to streamline your access to them.  Our team understands that when you need additional support or added expertise you also need fast, seamless and dependable onboarding without the hassle sometimes associated with bringing in additional resources.  We have experts and options ready to deploy, all of which are practical, cost effective and user friendly. Focusing on customer expectations first, we then develop and implement a technology driven support experience that meets scope, timelines and budget. Our mission is to exceed your expectations on every level.  We get it!

Day1Geospatial™ Service Support

Do you know how much it costs your company when you lose a great geospatial technician or analyst? We’ve all been there. Things are going great, your projects are on schedule and life is good. Then it happens. One of your best and brightest is leaving and you need to find a new technician or analyst…fast.

There are dozens of firms offering great GIS candidates for you to search through, interview, vet , offer, counter-offer, negotiate and finally hire. But while all that is happening your project is getting off schedule, that stellar on-time delivery record is in jeopardy and your staff is overworked picking up the slack. There has to be a better way to deal with something that happens every day.

Project managers hate losing quality employees but when you ask them what are the costs associated with that loss it’s largely unclear.  In speaking with geospatial data producers we’ve found that the typical onboarding process associated with hiring skilled or even not so skilled candidates can take 4-6 weeks. Then take into consideration the position will likely be filled with either a new or recent GIS graduate needing extensive training and supervision, estimates that were in weeks now have jumped to months before you can expect to see the new hire fully productive.

Day1Geospatial™ is a service created to take the stress out of employee turnover in the specialized geospatial data and product creation market. Our team has been providing map support services to government and the private sector for years and is expert in all the leading GIS technologies. In addition to understanding the how-to we also understand the what, when and why associated with creating and delivering quality geospatial data.

How Does Day1Geospatial™ Work?

We’ve made lowered productivity, overworked staff, lost knowledge and slipping schedules a thing of the past, at least while you recruit, interview, hire and train new employees. Now managing resources within the up and down, cyclical environment associated with geospatial production services can be done at your pace, on your timeline and without adding pressure to critical delivery schedules. Give us a call and we’ll level resource peaks and valleys as needed and we’ll do it for the price point you’ve already budgeted for. You may even find that working with the Day1Geospatial™ team is a great addition to your longer term production services solution. It’s simple…

Step 1

We start by having an initial client meeting to discuss the project, needed tasks, level of support and determine the deliverables.

Step 2

Then we present technical and personnel options for conducting work, determining task duration and delivery schedules.

Step 3

Upon acceptance we get started, usually that same day. Data samples and progress reporting are done on a regular basis.

Step 4

Finally the data gets integrated seamlessly into your new or existing geospatial production and analysis infrastructure.

Just Some Of Our Work

Proximity Analysis

HotSpot Mapping

Elevation Models

Latest Technology

Better products through application of the best technologies is part of our corporate culture. We know what industry has to offer and how to leverage, integrate and get the most performance out of the technology we utilize.  Enhancing capability, increasing performance and applying innovation directly results in better data, shorter periods of performance and cheaper costs to you.

Expert Staff

Our expert staff work as an integral service component to your company. Need expertise not presently on our staff no problem our support bench is deep and we can get the skills you need. We are there when you need us and bring years of expertise guaranteeing performance, support and follow through from end to end.

Proven Capability

We have been providing data production and GIS support services since 2002.  Working with government agencies and commercial companies we are a proven partner that has a proven ability to do the hard work and deliver the best results however complex the project.

Quality Data

We deliver quality data. Whether it’s by task, by project or as part of a large contract engagement the same vigilant quality processes, metrics and reporting are applied consistently and constantly to our workflows. Customers are provided quality assurance reporting as part of the deliverable and can be given access to the data on a continual basis if requested.